Darlington Wind Farm

Darlington Wind Farm

Proposed Darlington Wind Farm is located approximately 5km south west to Darlington and 8km North East to Mortlake along the Hamilton Highway, within the Moyne Shire Local Government Area.

The proposed project area covers an area of approximately 9,000 ha, where the current land use is primarily agricultural activities including grazing of sheep and cattle.

The Darlington Wind Farm is currently commencing its Environmental assessment and Planning Application stage. We expect ongoing opportunities to engage with the Community to shape the proposal over the coming months.

The current project proposes to host up to maximum 60 wind turbines.

The specifications of the wind turbines would involve, a rotor diameter of up to 170 metres and a maximum blade tip height of up to 240 metres, with a maximum project capacity in the order of 360MW, depending on the turbine model finally selected.

The project would connect to the grid via an onsite substation adjacent to the existing 500kV Moorabool-Mortlake Transmission Line. GPG Australia has lodged a connection enquiry with AEMO in November 2020, confirming the viability of this connection approach. No external overhead transmission line is proposed for the project.

The pace of development for this Project has been adjusted to match the current corporate strategies of the proponent, GPG Australia (formerly known as Union Fenosa Wind Australia) whilst other projects in the pipeline were progressed.


What is happening now?

GPG Australia is currently undertaking a range of studies to support formulation of a suitable turbine layout.

Seasonal flora and fauna surveys, commencement of a Cultural Heritage Management Plan, and preliminary acoustic and visual impact studies are underway.

Further Brolga surveys were undertaken in Spring 2020 and will continue through Spring 2021

A specialist community consultation firm has been engaged and GPG Australia are working with them to formulate a strategy with the aim to commence in 2022.



The new Darlington Wind Farm project specific website is now live and can be found at: https://darlingtonwindfarm.globalpower-generation.com.au/